Neo Blythe "Miss Sally Rice"

Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Miss Sally Rice" is a friend of "Mrs. Retro Mama," who was popular for her retro-themed style and vintage-like skin tone. "Miss Sally Rice" also has young retro look.
There is a Showa-style black cat applique on her red dress.
She has a different look when she takes off the white collar and wears her pink blouse under her dress.
The set comes with a headdress and a bag with bouquet and beaded necklace!
She has a skin tone that is a bit fairer than Mrs. Retro Mama's, with light brown eye shadow and pink lips and brush.
Her light blue semi-long hair is so adorable!

[Face Type] Radiance
[Skin Type] Translucent
[Make Up] Eye shadow - light brown, Lips - coral pink, Blush - pink
[Lip shape] Fuller lips
[Eye Color] Green (right/stock), Pink (center/stock), Yellow (left/special) and Blue (center/stock)
[Eyelashes] Stock
[Hair Color] Light Blue
[The set includes] Doll, headdress, collar, blouse, blue socks, lacy socks, underwear, necklace, bag, shoes and stand.
[Price] 13,440 yen
[Release Date] August 22, 2008

Neo Blythe "Miss Sally Rice" will be available at CWC shop "Junie Moon", Official Blythe Mobile Site, Junie Moon On-line Shopping, and official Blythe shops in Japan.

I liked Bow Wow Trad a LOT, but Miss Sally Rice is more of a "must have" to me. She's a great doll to get for people who have been craving for a Candy Carnival (like me), and like BWT, she has great stock clothing. 


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