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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I feel like a yo-yo already. One moment I'm quitting, then I'm not, then I'm quitting again. Then I find out I can't quit. For the sake of Blythe and Magic and books, I can't quit. Yet.

Anyway, my latest Blythe acquisition is Cloud 9. Kishiko managed to snag me one! She said that she'd try to check the Yokohama Toys 'r' Us when I asked her, but upon finding that they've sold out she actually looked for a branch that still had Cloud 9, and tried to get them to reserve her, but they couldn't since she's a popular doll, and in the end Kishiko went all the way to the Isogo store early to get it. I'm so happy that I have another girl in my Blythe family, and I'm really touched that Kishiko did so much to get her for me. Thank you, Kishiko!

As for the Magic game(s) planned tonight, though... it got cancelled. I was so looking forward to it, too. So I ended up watching a movie with my dad and feeling equally bummed (because of Magic) and happy (because of Cloud 9).

The picture above is from last July, when Ichigo and I met up with our girls. The girls standing at the back are (R-L) Affy (Afi?), Kailani, and Asami. Sitting in front are (R-L) Cassandra, Tommy, Doris, Lucille, Anna and Shirley. Oh, I just realized that Anna and Shirley makes "Anne Shirley"! Hahahahah. Affy, Cassandra and Tommy are Ichigo's. The rest are mine.


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