March 2008 Gathering

Sunday, November 4, 2012

L-R: Tea For Two Encore (Doris), Birdie Blue (Anna), Welcome Winter (Holly), V-Smash (Shirley), Cinnamon Girl (Eva?), Save The Animals (Francesca), Picadilly Dolly Encore (Lucille), Mod Molly (Julie), Rainy Day Parade (Asami), Sunday Very Best (Chloe), Mod Molly (Fiona), and Primadolly Ebony (Kailani)
Decided to re-up whatever pics I still have, although I'm not sure which of the deleted ones they're supposed to replace. So, I will keep on making new posts for the old gatherings.

Our dolls lined up in Burger King :D
Yen and her girls!
Nadhirah and her four Blythes :D
And the redheads

Last pic before we move location!


Clayn + girls



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