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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Of all the people from the Blythe group we had way back when, Ichigo is the only one I'm in contact with, because we work in the same office! Today I told her I've started to update this blog again, and we both got nostalgic about meetups and playing with our girls.

Andi is one of my girls that never got much attention, because I got her so near to the time we stopped having meetups and such. Which is a pity, because she's so lovely.

Kinda funny, though. Back then, not many people have heard of Blythe here (other than doll collectors and those into cute things) so we always got weird reactions when we bring our dolls out. Nowadays it might still be the same, but at the same time I think more people are used to seeing them, because of the books, and their images on t-shirts, bags, etc.


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