July Blythe Meetup

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The original plan for July's meet is supposed to be on the 5th, but several people have told me that they would prefer the meet to be on the 12th. (I'm sorry, Alin! But I didn't get a response from you either, so...)

So far, people who have OK'd with the 5th -
Joo Li

People who have OK'd with the 12th -
Nadhirah (Jo) - well, you did say the week after the 5th is ok?

Dira said that she would probably no longer come on meets unless they're on weekday evenings, as she would probably have plans on weekends. It's hard to organize weekday meets, but if anyone else is okay with meeting in the evening on a weekday, please tell me. Otherwise Dira & I will have small meets w/ just the two of us from time to time :D

Okay, so... unless there are more people who tell me which dates work for them, the next meetup is:
DATE: 12th July

The people who did tell me where they would prefer meeting all said KLCC, and it's close enough to where I have class, so I OK'd it.


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