Milky Way Sugar

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Neo Blythe "Milky Way Sugar" has a dark brown long hair and a sophisticated look.
Her black dress with gathered skirt is romantic and flirty.
The pink beads on the bodice and the lacy leggings are perfect for summer!
The dress comes with a sheer feminine jacket.
Her face type is Superior and she has natural skin color."
Price: 13,440 yen
Available this July

To tell the truth, I haven't even been checking new releases lately. But Dollz Inc. messaged my brother about pre-ordering, and he forwarded the message to me, and only then I was aware of the new girl :D

Thank god I didn't get a Can Can Cat afterall! However I loved the look, I knew there are other dolls I prefer (like Welcome Winter or Enchanted Petal) so when my brother only pre-ordered 1 doll I decided to let Ichigo get that one. But now Milky Way Sugar is coming out and I much prefer this girl. Just a normal, simple, slightly mousy girl. I think I'm going to love her :)


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